Film Run Down: Lexan/Polycarbonate

Lexan is the brand name for polycarbonate film. It’s supplied in sheet form, with a variety of finishes. It’s attractive and resistant to scratches and fingerprints, which is why we recommend it for decorative displays and logos. The standard Lexan is durable, but not chemical resistant so it may not be the best choice for products exposed to solvents or caustic substances. There are “Hard-Coated” versions with a top coat of special chemical resistant material.

Lexan/Polycarbonate is available in a variety of finishes velvet, matte, polished, clear and combinations thereof. Most Lexan used is clear, but its available in a rainbow of other colors. Thickness is the determining factor for this substrate, the thicker it is, the more stable and attractive the product, but thickness drives price as well. We recommend 10-15 mil velvet Lexan for most products.

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Sail Cloth Thermal Prints

Sail Cloth Customers Take Note!

We did testing with our T-shirt Thermal Transfer Press and discovered that relatively inexpensive transfer vinyl binds excellently to recycled sailcloth. This is good news: we can make simple decals and logos in small runs more economically than screen printing! Thermal transfer vinyl comes in a HUGE variety of colors, some of which we can digitally print images on.

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We're Famous! (Kinda)

Did you know? Gloucester Graphics has been involved in making promotional graphics for the hit TV series Wicked Tuna and Swords, as well as for local movies The Perfect Storm and The Last Harbor.

We made sail flags for Wicked Tuna, and printed rain slickers for Swords. We printed the premier event graphics for The Perfect Storm. In The Last Harbor we provided artwork reproductions and outfitted the classic police car with logos.

We’ve been honored to be a part of these productions and to have worked with such great people. We especially take a lot of pride in our city and have been thrilled to work towards promoting the beauty and culture of Gloucester!

Save on Materials (be flexible)!

Just like most things many of our substrates have “name” brands and “generic” brands, which often have similar or identical properties, but not similar or identical prices. If name brands are not a requirement on your project, let us know, and we might be able to recommend a suitable alternative at a considerable savings, without sacrificing performance and quality.

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